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OrthoCure Australia is an Australian owned company committed to the supply and support of high-quality orthopaedic products.

Knee Support with Hinge (Brace)

Knee Support with Hinge (Brace)

Knee injuries are a fairly common, and painful problem. Because our knees support the weight of our bodies and are constantly in motion...

Knee Support without Hinge (Brace)

Knee Support without Hinge (Brace)

  • Neoprene construction provides warmth, compression and support
  • Promote a full range of motion
Wrist and thumb support

Wrist and thumb support

An effective solution to help ease the pain associated with arthritis, tendinitis, and thumb injuries.
This brace is made with simple, lightweight design that...

Wrist Support

ULTIMATE COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Our carpal tunnel brace was constructed to offer you the maximum comfort and support. The durable brace comes with...

Back Support

The OrthoCure Comfort stabilising Back Support provides the extra support you need during your run, workout and daily activities. customisable straps let yo...

Posture Corrector

Posture Corrector

Our back brace designed to use with clavicle fractures, shoulder instability, but it also makes an excellent posture If you feel tired on your neck and...


Why does my Elbow hurt?

Overuse or repeated pressure on the tendons near the elbow joint can overload these tissues, particularly where the tendon anchors to the bone. If overload occurs, it can cause pain around...

Are you suffering from Neck pain because of excessive use of Mobile (Text neck)?

Treating text neck, also called tech neck, typically involves a two-pronged approach...

Good quality product. Very happy with the Knee support and service provided.

Quality product, supporting my knees when playing Sport. Highly recommended seller.

Calvin Ip

Great service, exactly what i orded very happy.

Made frm really high quality material. Product EXCEEDS expectation.

It gives excellent support & strength to knee joint. Very Comfortable.

Amazing product and service.

Quick delivery, well packed. very happy with item. thank you.

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